What is a (Hybrid) Closed Loop for diabetics?

The union of a CGM and an insulin pump, which get connected by a algorithm that regulates the insulin output based on the available data. The algorithm acts similar to the person who has to make all the daily decisions whether and how to treat the diabetes in the situation. Through automation, however, many decisions are taken away from the user and it is possible to intervene at additional points in time and ensure a better course of sugar values. This is also referred to as a hybrid closed loop, as manual intervention is still necessary.

What can the Hybrid Closed Loop not do?

Unfortunately, a complete replacement of the pancreas cannot be achieved by a current closed-loop system due to delays in measurement, but above all due to the still very slow effect of insulin injected into the subcutaneous fatty tissue. Settings such as basal rate and carbohydrate factors should fit as well as possible, and carbohydrates must still be estimated and entered when eating.

What is the DIY Closed Loop?

Despite technical feasibility, the release of commercial closed-loop systems is progressing very slowly, so some people and developers have started connecting existing products in such a way that a self-built do-it-yourself loop has become possible. Forward to the requirements →

What can I find here?

On Requirements you will find both practical and technical information, such as the appropriate hardware of pumps and CGMs that you need to start looping. Depending on the hardware, there are different suitable loop systems to which further links are then listed. There is also a (mostly German) wiki and information on how to exchange information with other loopers and interested people.