DIY Disclaimer

This website is about DIY solutions. DIY stands for do-it-yourself, in this case meaning that you take care for your own individual diabetes, which you create your own artificial pancreas for. This is an advantage regarding learning about all the components, to understand it better and make fixing problems easier. But it is also a necessity, because offering a finished product has huge implications regarding liability, approval in individual countries, costs etc. For your own loop and health please act responsibly and carefully.

Previous knowledge

Absolute basic assumption is that you know a lot about diabetes in general and your diabetes specifically. These loops don’t replace the fully-automatic human pancreas, but help with some of the daily therapy decisions, based on the same information that are required for a normal (non-loop) pump therapy. For example basal rate, duration of insulin action, insulin-carb-ratio and correction rate (insulin sensitivity).

Depending on the loop system, you have to do some very technical steps during the installation or maintenance. You deal with Linux on mini computers, build an app for Android or iOS. This may take a lot of time and patience. Anyway you should be ready to read a lot, but you don’t have to be afraid if you have never done anything like this. There is a lot of documentation and you can ask for help in several online groups, there are a lot of helpful people among the other loopers. Knowledge in programming or electronics are no requirement, there’s also no need for soldering (some solutions may include it optionally).

Medical devices

Continue with listing all compatible CGMS and pumps. Is my hardware able to close the loop?