Which pump and CGM will work with AndroidAPS (A), Loop for iOS (L) or OpenAPS (O)

Accu-Chek/Senseonics Eversense Dexcom G4/G5/G6 [7] Freestyle Libre with Transmitter [1] Minimed Enlite via dedicated pump
Accu-Chek Combo A A A
Accu-Chek Insight A A A
Accu-Chek Solo
Animas Ping
Animas Vibe
Dana R A A A
Dana RS A A A
Insulet OmniPod [5]
RF based
L L[3]
Insulet OmniPod Dash [6]
available since 2018, Bluetooth based
Medtrum A6/P6/C6
Minimed 512/712
with limited functions
O[2] O O[2]
Minimed 515/715 O[2] O & L O[2] & L[3]
Minimed 522/722 O[2] O & L O[2] & L[3] O & L [4]
Minimed 523/723
with firmware 2.4A or older
O[2] O & L O[2] & L[3] O & L [4]
Minimed Veo (554/754)
with firmware 2.6A or older (EU)
with firmware 2.7A or older (Canada)
O[2] O & L O[2] & L[3] O & L
Minimed 530G
Minimed 640G
Minimed 670G
mylife YpsoPump
Tandem t:slim (X2)


       in active development (no ETA, maybe less than 1 year)
       protocol (partially) decrypted, lots of work to do (propably several years till finished)
       does not work and no successful efforts are currently known

LLoop for iOS


  1. The Freestyle Libre is only a FGM and needs additional hardware to work as a CGM.
  2. The CGM data has to be uploaded to Nightscout first.
  3. With the Spike App the CGM data from Dexcom and Freestyle can be transmitted offline, see Facebook group for the Spike App. Officially unsupported by Loop.
  4. With the Minimed 522/722 and 523/723 the sensor works only 3 days instead of 6.
  5. More information on https://loopkit.github.io/loopdocs/faqs/omnipod-faqs/.
  6. Tidepool is going through the process of approving a commercial version of Loop at the FDA. First partners will be Insulet and Dexcom. https://www.tidepool.org/loop
  7. Dexcom G4 works via Dexcom Receiver or DIY-Transmitter, G5 and G6 may also work directly via a smartphone app.

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